a sun-kissed pearl

The stunning view that hits unwarningly right at the very entrance of the villa, overlooking the flights of stairs, is a violent awakening of the senses as you stare into the stark contrasting scenery that unfolds beneath.

The flowing molten rock, falling steeply and abruptly into the dark blue waters, the man-made blinding white of the construction with its straight lines and curves intertwined, the vast blue sky, the sun kissing the surfaces, it all dissolves into the illusion of hovering above earth, flying even…

Such is the ecstasy that floods the mind and possesses the senses. And as you continue down and into the organised lavishness that is the Olia Pond you realise why it is a privileged experience; here, the mundane term of ‘vacation’ transforms into a dreamlike sequence of exhilaration as you, yourself, dissolve into the scenery, become a part of it, hit by the warmth of the sun, the breeze of sea air, the acquired familiarity of the room, the convenience of its parts, the serenity in your soul.

Olia Pond consists of two bedrooms. A master bedroom with a double bed, walk-in closet, en-suite state-of-the-art bathroom with showers and an indoor jacuzzi. The second bedroom features a king-size bed, a walk-in closet and a bathroom next to it with a hammam. The Pond boasts a cosy sitting area with a small kitchen next to it, a jacuzzi, and overwhelming caldera and the volcano views.

The indoor areas of the Pond are 100 sqm and the outdoor area is 50 sqm.



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